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Our entire product line can be elaborated and tailored for almost every retail business, regardless the size and industry. Not only does it ensure the functionality ideally matched to your needs, but it also guarantees that you have a convenient tool for continuous improvement, so as to implement your business efficiency and enhance customer experience.
After a good meal, is a customer waiting too long to get the bill? We have the solutions! By providing high-end technology and easy-to-use interface to upgrade the process of any transactions. Our Android based POSs are ideal because they are smart, friendly to users and easily manageable. This is how you can improve your business performance and keep customers loyal.
As implementing on-route shopping experience is becoming irreplaceable, serving customers through a secure and portable POS terminal can make the travel more pleasant. No worries about battery issue during the trip, Aisino POS can work all day with large capacity batteries.
The POS terminal is the last step of a complex logistics process ending with a sales transaction. Merchandise is tracked at warehouses and retail outlets by reading barcodes and RFID tags. Barcode scanners are widely used for this purpose. As a frontier of POS terminal manufacturer, Vanstone Electronic is providing multiple POS models with high sensitive barcode scanning and reading. What you can do with Aisino POS terminals is never simply taking payments, there are more, including store replenishment, customer orders fulfilment and trans-shipments between stores via wireless hand-held devices.
Try to take your business outdoor while it is performing outstandingly indoor, either way, you can find suitable model of POS terminal adjustable to your needs. At receptions of a bowling alley, KTV, or a cultural market and festival utilizing the high-end POS terminal to help you through the busy and demanding day. With Aisino Android POS selection, you can always find the smarter way to sell no matter how busy it is and access sales or performance reports instantly.




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