Solutions Description

1) Place an integrated POS Terminal at the checkout counter, and connect it to the network through wire telephone or Ethernet. 

2) Place MISPOS and connect it with the cash register, and use the communication network of the cash register.

3) Provide the wireless handheld POS terminal to the clerk, so the customer can pay conveniently at the table. 

4) Tablet PC +mPOS can be deployedat the place with Wi-Fi hot spots, so that the tablet PC dish ordering system can be integrated with the mPOS.


Solutions Features

1)Compatible with traditional checkout mode

Use traditional POS form and networking mode to meet with the requirement of traditional standing in checkout line at the checkout counter.

2)Cost Saving

Tablet PC dish ordering system can achieve automatic ordertransfer; shorten the time of ordering, placing orders and paying the bill, which greatly saves the resources and cost of dining room. It can maximumly reduce the error rate in the process ofordering, placing orders and paying the bill. Merchant can also update the cuisine and dishes in real time, which bring convenient management of dishes. More important, it has inspired the appetite of the customer.


When wireless handheld POS or Tablet PC +mPOSis adopted, the customers need not to pay at the checkout counter, they can pay the bill in the balcony or by the dining table.

4)Protect customer privacy

It can protect the privacy of the person who is sensitive of presenting at the public places. 

Suitable product

Aisino VM20
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Aisino V80SE
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