Logistic Industry

Solution Description

The logistics information and payment information can be integratedwhen the intelligent wireless multimedia POS terminal is adopted. Use the rich module functionof the POS terminal, real-time interactive of logistics status and real-time swiping card transaction can be achieved.

The real-time interactive data information between the terminaland logistics dispatch center is realizedthrough the GPRS/CDMA/3G/4G communication network, so data exchange between all the procedures likedelivery and picking up can be processed at anytime, anywhere;real-time tracking logistics progress can be achievedthrough the POS terminal GPS positioning system. On the occasion of on-site collection, swiping card for payment can be made on the POS terminal through bank cardconsumption features.


Solution Features

1)improve the efficiency, reduce the cost

Using the logistics system platform to dispatch the real time order to the delivery and picking up personnel; use the bar code data to collect and recordthe goods and customer information, upload the data to logistics center in real-time, and the logistics center automatically receive goods and customer information. This reduces the system input process, greatly improving the work efficiency.

2) Real-time tracking, scientific scheduling

Use GPS function of the smart wireless POS to monitor the entire route of the vehicle, so real-time tracking of goods will improve customer experience. It can facilitate the logistics Dispatching Center to integrate the transportation resources for scientific and reasonable dispatch.

3)Convenient payment

Pay on delivery, swiping card for payment on the spot. Signing of the billcan avoid disputes.


Suitable product

Aisino V70
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