Vanstone providesprofessional pre-sales technical support and after-sales services to clients.

Pre-sales Technical Support

At pre-sales stage, Vanstone provides product and solution consultation in accordance with the customized requirements. Vanstone offers application development support, including application DEMO, Software Development Kits (SDK)and terminal application development simulator etc.Meanwhile,Vanstone provides software download services through company website.

After-sales Services

Vanstone has a set of complete after-sales services system in accordance with ISO9001 Quality Management System. 


Vanstone provides professional engineer training, which includes hardware installation, application download, parameters setting and common trouble solving. 

Technical Support

Vanstone offers all-round firmware and software technical support, including remote onlinetechnical support, telephone assistance and troubleshooting conference.

Spare Parts Support

Vanstone has set up spare parts warehouse to provide timely and adequate spare parts supply.


If you have any question regarding toservices issues, please contact