Shopping Mall

Solutions Description

1) Place an integrated POS Terminal at the checkout counter, and connect it to the network through wire telephone or Ethernet.

2) Smart wireless handheld POS terminalcan be deployedin the shopping mallswith Wi-Fi hot spot or without mobile communication signal shielding, in order to integrate the mall MIS information and credit card payment function (that is, mobile MIS-POS system), so that the sales staff grasp the details of goods, inventory and price informationat any time, and check outat any time.


Solutions Features

1)Compatible with traditional checkout mode

Use traditional POS form and networking mode to meet withthe requirement of traditional standing in checkoutline at the checkout counter.

2) Function integration

Mobile MIS-POS system uses smart multimedia handheld POS terminal as the carrier to integrate the shopping mall information flow and POS payment flow, making it a multi-purpose machine.

3)Real time dealing to avoid losing customer

The mobile MIS-POS systemcan promote the consumer to finish immediate consumption at the shopping counter, to avoid losing customer, and improve the site dealing probability.

4)Enhance the customer experience, increase customer stickiness

Mobile MIS-POS system can be developed into various extension services, such as CRM management system, etc. which canprovide more considerate service to bring the Guests feel at home shopping experience.

5)Efficient checkout, alleviate queuing- 

Mobile MIS-POS system can be used as an effective supplement to the desktop collection.Real time credit card checkout can meet the payment needs inside the mall, to avoid the queue for checkout at the peak time of the shopping mall.

6)communication safety, low cost

Mobile MIS-POS terminals can be brought into a wireless LAN network by the private WiFi in the mall, each POS machine is bound a MAC address, the unregistered devicescannot access this system. Meanwhile, no communication costs will be generated by using the internal WiFi of shopping malls.

7)Swiping card in sight for card security

Sales staff holds the mobile MIS-POS and swipe the cardin the sight of the cardholder, and the cardholder enters the password. The entire process is in the cardholder's line of sight, which is consistent with the secure card using habits consistently advocated by VISA and other international organizations, to protect the benefit of the cardholder.


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